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 Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by going solar. 

We rent commercial rooftops by the square foot, then improve the space with state of the art, non-invasive solar equipment. Most of the time, this area of a building is usually considered dead space and unrentable. Since our model is completely scalable, Clean Energy Systems becomes the largest and most secure tenant of any commercial property manager’s portfolio.

CEO - Charles Kirkland
Operating out of Scottsdale Arizona, Clean Energy Systems (CES) is a hybrid solar company with a very different business model. CES has never accepted institutional financing, does not rely on federal grants, and has never required a credit check from their customers. CES currently owns over $10,000,000 in solar equipment assets, free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. Charles Kirkland launched the company in early 2009 with a passion for renewable energy, an extensive legal background, and over 20 years experience in various types of real estate ventures.
CES provides long term lease options to the commercial and residential markets, and has rapidly expanded to become one of the fastest growing, independently owned solar leasing companies in the United States. With almost 1,000 completed projects throughout the country, CES has developed partnerships with both tax equity investors and innovative commercial developers, creating a symbiotic relationship between two very different industries.

Now, more than ever, commercial office buildings, retail properties, and industrial development projects are becoming more interested in strategies that not only increase occupancy and retention, but that also add the maximum dollar value to their buildings without leveraging cash flow. CES provides a solution to this growing need, using the existing commercial management model.

Our ability to rent an unlimited number of rooftops makes it easy to see how we are creating new possibilities in such a distressed market. Furthermore, the power our equipment produces, gives building owners the option to offer energy cost incentives to their other tenants, positively impacting the occupancy and overall retention. This fusion of interests is made possible by some very creative resourcing, and recent changes to the renewable energy industry itself.

CES has truly created a custom offering for the current commercial markets, our ability to "self fund" has set us apart from literally 99% of the competition, and has given us the freedom to innovate and align with industries that otherwise may have never considered solar as a viable option to pursue.”

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