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 Creating value and income from  wasted space 

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To match the energy of the sun,100,000,000,00 tons of dynamite would have to be detonated every second.​

Commercial Solar with ZERO upfront costs

  1. Commercial Buildings
    We rent commercial rooftops by the square foot, then improve the space with state of the art, non-invasive solar equipment. Furthermore, the power our equipment produces, gives building owners the option to offer energy cost incentives to their other tenants, positively impacting the occupancy and overall retention. We will become your most secure tenant.
  2. Vacant Buildings
    Do you have vacant buildings that need put to good use? Generate income from a vacant building and add massive value to it with our leasing program. There are also huge tax incentives that you will have access to as well.
  3. Free Covered Parking
    Our ability to rent an unlimited number of rooftops makes it easy to see how we are creating new possibilities in such a distressed market. Why not put your covered parking to work for you as well? We will lease your covered parking in the same fashion as your building rooftop.
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Because there is no equipment to buy or maintain,
our solar solution costs you nothing out of pocket 

  • NO upfront costs
  • FREE installation
  • FREE Maintenance

We can become your property's longest and most secure tenant