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 Cut your energy costs by 20%! 

Did you know. . .
The sun creates enough energy in 1 hour
to power the entire world for 1 year.​

Capturing the power of the sun. . . it's always been a great idea since the beginning of time, however it hasn't been as lucrative, simple and affordable for a homeowner as it is right now,  because there is no equipment to buy or maintain. It costs you nothing out of pocket!

  • NO upfront costs
  • FREE installallation
  • FREE Maintenance

In escalating markets such as traditional energy it's important to have a strategic counter in place against the rising costs. Solar power has proven to be just this and helps you avoid the inevitable future of utility rate increases.

As an added benefit, homeowners enjoy an increase in property value by adding solar energy and can expect a 25+ year proven and low-maintenance asset addition to their home.

Clean Energy Systems delivers only the highest quality installations and it's available no matter what state you live in. If there is sun there, we can be there with our qualified team of installers. We can have you saving money the same day!

How much can you save with solar?

We ​first figure out how much your average power bill is over the course of a year. We then subtract 20% from that and that will be your new monthly bill! We lock that rate in for you, guaranteeing that you will pay 20% less on average that you normally would. Plus, it is likely that rooftop will be producing even more power than you use which means it will re-direct back through the grid and you will get a credit from your power company.

More people than ever are making the switch to solar
Here's why!

  1. Zero out of pocket
    Since there is no equipment to buy or maintain, there is no out of pocket expense for you. We even install the equipment for free! We maintain the responsibility while you enjoy the savings that solar can provide.
  2. Lower bills
    You will spend an average of 20% less for solar power than you currently do. This truly is a no-brainer!
  3. Environmentally Safer
    When you make the switch to Clean Energy Systems you are significantly decreasing your carbon footprint and helping to improve the health of the planet by decreasing harmful emissions, something you should truly be proud about!

There really is no good reason to not
GO CLEAN! Save money and the planet